As we are entering monsoon season, it’s going to be raining cats and dogs. Whether you are visiting a country during its monsoon season or your own town receives a lot of rain, you might want to carry a raincoat wherever you go. I have always struggled with this and I always end up drenching myself in water. Stepping out wearing a raincoat can save your outfit from disaster. But where would you shop from?

Well, I came across a website that had quite a collection of raincoats. Ranging from medium size to full-length raincoats, this brand of raincoats is water repellent and durable. I am speaking of L.L. Bean. For instance, this Women’s Trail Model Rain Jacket comes in six different colors and is a little over $100, which I presume is quite affordable. Made from 100% recycled nylon, it comes with an adjustable hem and cuffs.

1-1 Women’s Trail Model Rain Jacket

Alt-tag: raincoat

If you don’t like this style or color and want something more basic, then I suggest you get yourself this Women’s Emerger Wading Jacket. Available for a little more than $150, it is made from 100% nylon and comes with two adjustable side pockets. It’s in dark grey color which would go with any color of pants. Visit L.L. Bean today for more outdoor equipment and rain jackets.

2-1 Women’s Emerger Wading Jacket

Alt-tag: Grey raincoat

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