Tighten your seat belts as the much-awaited sale is live and at least I can’t sit and chill!! let’s see what has to offer us!! Winters are almost here and I have planned to upgrade my bedroom with a dark theme!! As it’ll make my room look cosy yet classy! with this black r bed, my theme sets well. Its beautiful and elegant design with high-quality material attracted me and I couldn’t wait to add this to my cart! Next is this chandelier unique within itself and has a class and modern look! Let me show you another of my favourite things. These curtains are perfect if you are planning to change your girl’s room or even your bedroom. If you are planning to try out the dark theme then try adding light theme touch to balance the decor! And with these curtains, you can incorporate a light theme! One more thing I bought for my bedroom was this cute minimal rug. The decent and delicate design attracted me to get it ! I thought if I was already going for a dark theme for my bedroom so why not go for the living room too? so chose a black sofa set and these were so attractive and were set perfectly with the plan in my mind of setting a house with a dark theme! For my kitchen, I bought a dining table and a stove which had an oven attached. Grey goes well with black hence chose it at first glance. I was searching for a while two for one stove and oven and found it at a reasonable price so planned to get it right there! For living décor, I found a shelf and it too went with my theme so got it! For the entrance decor I chose to go with the dog wreath it was super cool and Christmas is around the corner! Last but not the least my favourite and children’s favorite cat tree side shelf I’ve set this in the corner of my kid’s room. I hope you all enjoyed my favorite options. These are not enough as there are many more options to go for so go shop now and get all things at a reasonable rate!

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